Milestone Films

"A Baby/Growing Up Video Book"

Children grow up WAY TOO FAST! So what do YOU do with all of your precious memories? 

What happens if you forget to back up your current media and you lose your smartphone or your computer crashes?

I have actually heard this happen way too many times :(

What is the cloud and WHERE IS IT?

Well, I can help you answer all of these questions. Then what? Sit back, relax and don't forget the tissues. 

Then contact Amie for more information on how you can have one of your own! Email

Birthday Gifts for Kids, Grandparents and more...

YOU take video on your vacation and let us edited it into

an amazing keepsake forever! (This is 100% IPhone Video)

Birthday keepsakes for your child that

they can cherish for years to come...

"I've taken WAY TOO MANY photos and videos of my child!" says no parent ever!

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